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Get a Great Deal on a Foreclosure!

Don’t sit on the fence!  There is still time to get a great buy on a foreclosed home, but you have to act fast.

If you have ever felt like you got totally priced out of an area in Nashville, TN, you do not need to wait any longer to take advantage of foreclosed homes.  Yes, you can still find opportunities in Pre-

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Foreclosure properties in Middle TN, but most buyers say it is easier and without as much risk to buy foreclosed homes from banks and HUD homes from the government, as they have already taken them back.

You might ask if you can get a deal on Nashville Tennessee foreclosures.  Depending on location, condition and your needs, you might get 5-40% below market value.  Rest assured, though, foreclosed homes are normally not just handed to you at dramatically reduced prices.  Homes priced way below value are that way for a reason, and it is your responsibility to find out why.

Because of the real estate crisis over the past 5-7 years, the inventory of foreclosed homes has lowered.  If you read market forecasts, however, we are right on the bubble to getting more foreclosure properties because folks took ARMS (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) when the crisis got bad, and their credit scores deteriorated, which would make it tough to refinance.  That is bad for the home owner, but that spells a golden opportunity for buys!

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Interest rates are at record lows!  If you wait for a year or two to see if rates will go down or if prices will go down further, you may be making a HUGE mistake.  If rates spike up, it will force you to take less of a house.

The best foreclosures go fast to buyers who know a great opportunity when they see it, and are able to purchase then the right property come available.