Avoid these Foreclosure Mistakes

Save yourself some heartache!

Here is a list a of 10 things to look for when purchasing a foreclosure that will help your sanity and avoid a money pit!money-pit-still

When a deal seems too good to be true in an excellent neighborhood and you are the sole bidder, or maybe only one of a handful, there is a reason!  Watch for these 10 things!

  • Serious termite or pest damage
  • It is in a 100 year flood plain
  • The area around the home is declining due to plants closing, crime, traffic, schools, or a high number of vacant or dilapidated homes.
  • It is in an area of high foreclosure rates
  • It is overbuilt for a neighborhood
  • It does not have at least 1.5-2 baths and three bedrooms if a home
  • It has environmental issues such as lethal mold contamination
  • The home has structural issue or major drainage problems
  • It is close to things that would bother most buyers, like being next to a STEP system for sewage,etc
  • The home has serious code violations, or permits weren’t pulled


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