About Foreclosures

You want to know the secret to getting a great deal on a foreclosure or investment property in Nashville TN?

You have to know where to look!

After all, who doesn’t want a bargain?

Many folks scour the MLS….looking in the right zip code…praying for the right price and condition…constantly driving through neighborhoods.  Then, there are others who find deals at auctions, courthouse steps, short sales and out and out distressed properties.

Our job as foreclosure specialists fits the needs of many categories of purchasers; be they investors, first time buyers, retirees looking for income and move up buyeproperty_monopolyrs.  Pretty much, we work with anyone that is interested in buying government owned or bank owned properties!

You might ask yourself why we spend so much time working with these kinds of buyers….the answer is simple.  We like working with these kinds of buyers because once they find a great property with us, they want to find other distress sales.  If you look at other investments, these properties allow buyers and investors to leverage money in terms of financing to build returns at low risk historically.

You would be amazed at the opportunities in foreclosure homes!  These homes can range from entry level homes, all the way to multi-million dollar homes.  Some might be in rough condition, but many are in move-in condition.  As one learns to purchase real estate for investment purposes, they find that just because a property is a foreclosure, doesn’t mean it is an absolute steal.  You have to be savvy and know the market.  That is where we come in!

Are you ready to purchase a foreclosure?

If you have just a small question, or you want to talk with us about extensive details in the purchase, we would be happy to talk.  Just call us or email.  You can also fill the form out below and we will contact you.

Finding the best of the best in foreclosures and investment properties is what we are good at.  The biggest tip we can give you is to know the area, know a real price on a home and when a good deal is a good deal.  You also want to work with an experienced Buyer Agent who has helped hundreds of owners secure the purchase.

We built NashvilleTnForeclosures.com for this reason.  We have over 20 years of experience in real estate in the Middle Tennessee area.  We believe the more you understand how to purchase a foreclosed property, the easier your deal will go.  We want you as a client for life!  Several of our clients have purchased 6-8 homes a piece.  Once you work with us, you will understand the trust we have earned.

If not now…..then when?  We are ready to help!